Unique Facts About Marijuana for Health

Cannabis is known as one of the dangerous addictive substance that can cause health problems such as the onset of anxiety disorder, addiction, difficulty remembering, and the risk of heart disease.

But apparently marijuana also has a beneficial effect on health. This is of course if used with the right dose according to the instructions the medical side.

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What are the benefits to be gained from marijuana? These include the following

  • Slow Alzheimer’s

The use of certain doses of marijuana will slow Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain in sufferers. It is known from studies Scripps Research Institute.

  • Calming anxiety

Another effect is that it helps to calm the anxiety experienced by a person. Is a researcher from Harvard Medical School who called such. However, if the dose used is not right, the effect is quite the opposite.

  • Epilepsy

Epileptic seizures sometimes get unexpected at a particular time. Epilepsy attack can be stopped by the use of cannabis, as revealed by researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University.