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K9 After reading your hub yesterday I had to go and analysis the garlic. There are numerous articles on the market saying that Garlic is poisonous and others say Garlic is fine. All of my canines have at all times been fed garlic with no ailing results. I exploit garlic and brewers yeast as an alternative of the chemical flea controls. I’ve read that garlic is fine as long as you are not feeding them big amounts. Many business canine meals have garlic oil, garlic extract or garlic powder in them.

We had something very scary happen to Dorian just lately. What the medical doctors thought was a stomach infection turned out to be a blockage in his intestines attributable to adhesions. Adhesions are strands of protein that connect body elements, normally the place they’ve been injured. In Dorian’s case, the adhesions had pulled a loop of gut into a very tight angle which blocked every thing up.

A very interesting lecture on Sugar and the way the liver processes various sugars is on Dr Mecola web site at and you discover out that fructose is much worse for you that sugar because of the way the liver processes it. Agave is nearly all fructose so should not be utilized by diabetics. A very interesting lecture by Dr Robert Lustig of UCSF.

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