Indonesia culinary world famous

Indonesia is not only blessed with beautiful natural panorama as the main tourist attractions to visit. Another way to promote the diversity of Indonesia is a culinary tour.
Japan can be proud with culinary variety that has worldwide. But Indonesia also has a variety of native culinary, such as culinary below. Indonesia’s culinary is not merely to be enjoyed by the traveler, but there is a taste of the culture that we must preserve and popularized.
Lumpia Semarang
Not only Lawang Sewu Semarang or duration of any famous City. The town is also referred to as “Dutch Mini” in synonymous with spring rolls. Typical snacks Semarang city is made of flour and stuffed with eggs, pieces of bamboo shoots, chicken or meat.
Not hard to find food this one. Many sellers are scattered across the mini lumpia.
Surabi, Bandung
Tourism Bandung, culinary this one has become a culture that can not be abandoned. Snacks native of the city is nicknamed “Paris van Java” is made from rice flour with a round shape.
* Making Surabi Bandung is still done traditionally, by molded and cooked over charcoal. So the taste is very delicious. Surabi Bandung are of two types. Surabi Classical and Modern Surabi. Classical surabi usually eaten with coconut milk with added sugar. While Modern Surabi given chocolate to cheese. Everything still tastes good. You just select. Classic or modern.
Sate Lilit, Denpasar
Been to Bali, especially in the city of Denpasar not only betutu or betutu duck who became a major culinary. There is one more thing to try culinary tour while on the island, namely Sate Lilit.
Just like satay in general, Lilit satay chicken meat is made of soft and flavored savory. The difference with the usual chicken satay, sticks or bamboo. If the chicken satay using a stick or as a small bamboo skewers, then the Sate Lilit uses lemongrass as skewers. And the meat was wrapped in thick.
Rendang Padang
In general, Rendang not only be found in the city of Padang, which becomes the region of origin. A traveler can also find Paris restaurant outside the province of West Sumatra serving culinary rendang. Even the international news network CNN calls rendang as the best dish in the world.
Although rendang easily found all over the country, but less fit if you do not feel in their home areas in West Sumatra. In general, Rendang is made from beef cooked in coconut milk and various spices. Do not forget the extra spicy chili as a flavor enhancer. Rendang enjoyed most fun is eaten with hot rice. Sure, you are going to be hooked.