Guide to Elase Laser Hair Removal

Elase hair removal laser treatment uses a bipolar radio frequency wavelength to remove the hair. Elase laser treatment is ideal for people who want to get rid of unwanted hair. conventional methods like waxing and shaving the hair with razor cause physical harm. When people hear about laser, they often get scared and think that it is going to cause severe pain on their skins. This is not true at all because the laser Elase laser treatment use is gentle and not harmful at all.


 People with light hair like blonde but have skin that appears dark will find the laser treatment suitable for them. Dark skin has more melanin so it will experience less side effects from the laser treatment. Most of the traditional lasers can’t remove hair of colors like white and blond bit Elase laser hair removal can. The concentrated beam from the Elase laser machine is hot enough to destroy the hair but not hot enough to cause injury to the skin.  It will heat up the hair root and destroy the hair above it. The laser will only target the area that is focused by the laser beam It will not affect the cool area of the skin.

 The treated skin area will only be slightly heated, just like how you feel hot in the ear after listening to the cellphone for some time. Elase laser treatment, uses a combination of two types of lasers including IPL and RF. The lower light energy prevents the hair from being completely destroyed. It is completely safe for removing hair above the epidermis.

 The laser will zap off all the hair in the targeted skin area. The only pain that you feel is a slight pinch that is tolerable by most patients. It is faster than other laser treatment process by many times. The doctor will simply glide over the laser device over the skin as if it is a razor. There is no intermittent pause when the doctor is gliding the device on the skin.

 Elase laser hair removal is quite expensive and more costly compared to the IPL machines. during the pre-treatment stage, you should not tan your skin to avoid irritation. About 1 – 2 days prior to the treatment, make sure you shave the skin area. You must make sure your skin is clean and you also cannot apply any lotion. To prepare yourself for the laser treatment, you must not use any perfume or powder your skin.

 No waxing should be done for the past 2 weeks of the treatments. After the treatment, you want to take precaution to avoid direct exposure to the sun for at least 2 days. If you have to go out and the weather is hot, you can apply a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. You should also avoid tanning for a few days after the treatment to prevent the development of hyper-pigmentation. Before going for the laser treatment, you should first discuss about it with your doctor especially if you suffer from a medical history.