Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana Trees is one magical plant. The great benefit given by God through the plant vanished just as when a handful of humans trying to negate with how to classify it as a narcotic plant.

In addition to the benefits of medical marijuana as, it turns out tree marijuana also can save and improve the economy.

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In response, one member of the Marijuana Legalization Nusantara (LGN), Mahessa Arinanda said marijuana as a savior of the world’s forests. According to him, one hectare of trees always, equal to 4 hectares of cannabis, when manufactured into a paper, the paper production will increase. Marijuana itself can be produced four to five months, compared with ordinary paper from trees for years. “For the economic actors have become a huge advantage”

Little could be gained from legalizing marijuana among others, public finance is increasing, opening jobs, and level of education be increased, other benefits in curing cancer (cancer).