3 Practical Tips for Springtime Weight Loss

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Whether you’re looking to clear away clutter, find love or kick off an exciting new chapter in your life, spring is the perfect season to make your dreams a reality. Additionally, now that the snow has melted and the weather has warmed up, springtime is also ideal for shedding any extra pounds that you acquired during the winter months. Anyone interested in slimming down a wintertime waistline can benefit from the following pointers.

1. Outdoor Cardio

Now that the snow has gone away and the icy-cold chill has vanished from the air, the time is ripe for outdoor exercise. Walking or jogging for at least 30 minutes three times a week can help you shed excess pounds, increase your confidence and brighten your general demeanor. Sandwiched between the frigid cold of winter and the extreme heat of summertime, the comfortable springtime weather is perfect for outdoor exercise.

2. Lap Band Surgery

Depending on how severe your weight problem is, you may be a good candidate for Lap Band surgery. With the help of the Lap Band, many people are able to lose weight in a timely manner, improve their eating habits and keep their portion sizes in check. If being overweight has had a dramatic impact on your lifestyle and/or overall health, talk to your doctor about the benefits of Lap Band surgery. To speak with the foremost authorities on Lap Band Houston, get in touch with Well Beginnings at the Houston Northwest Medical Center.

3. Cupboard Cleanout

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be limited to closets, basements and attics. In the interest of improving your diet, consider engaging in a full-scale cupboard and refrigerator cleanout. Foods that are high in fat, sugar, cholesterol or sodium should be nixed in favor of fresh produce and health-conscious snacks. If you’re unclear on which types of foods and beverages to avoid, have a talk with your doctor or schedule an appointment with a nutritionist.

After being trapped inside for five months, it’s only natural that you’d put on a few extra pounds. Instead of carrying that additional weight around for the spring and summer months, why not nip weight loss in the bud as soon as winter makes its exit? If a slim springtime waistline is what you’re after, engage in outdoor cardio, clear your cupboards of unhealthy food and, if need be, look into Lap Band surgery.