3 Benefits of Dental Bonding

Noticeable gaps have the power to ruin an otherwise flawless smile, particularly if those gaps are located between a person’s two front teeth. Even if you meticulously care for your pearly whites and are proud of how brightly they sparkle, a large gap is liable to make you hesitant to flash an open-mouthed smile. Fortunately, there are a number of effective fixes for tooth gaps, many of which are easily affordable. Although people commonly associate the closing of gaps with braces and retainers, dental bonding is becoming an increasingly popular option for nipping gaps in the bud. Anyone who’s currently on the fence about dental bonding is urged to consider the following benefits.

1. Affordable

When many people think of cosmetic dentistry, their minds go right to enormous bills. However, in addition to being highly effective, dental bonding is affordable on even the most stringent of budgets. Most dentists charge less than $200 per bonding – far less for those who have comprehensive dental insurance. Whereas high-end retainers can easily cost over $1,000, bonding isn’t likely to leave a dent in your personal finances. C-Town residents eager to learn more about the cost of bonding should pay a visit to http://www.clevelandsmiles.com/.

2. Long-Lasting

While it’s true that dental bonding doesn’t last forever, most bonds will still last you a good long while. On average, dental bonds last between five and 10 years, ensuring that you’ll more than get your money’s worth. Once a bond wears out, simply contact your dentist about having it replaced. In fact, certain dentists will replace bonds at no additional cost if they unexpectedly fall out or don’t fit properly.

3. Instant Results

In addition to being affordable and long-lasting, dental bonding produces instant results. Most bonds can be placed in a matter of minutes, much to the delight of busy patients. Once a bond has been placed, most patients are free to go about their day without making any significant changes to their usual routines. When wearing braces or a retainer, it can take months to see noticeable results, during which time you’re likely to suffer consistent discomfort. On the flip side, bonding is a painless procedure that typically takes no more than five to 10 minutes.

If tooth gaps have made you afraid to show off your winning smile, there’s no time like the present to get in touch with a good cosmetic dentist and discuss the benefits of bonding. Anyone on the hunt for a gap solution that’s affordable, long-lasting and synonymous with instant results would be wise to look into dental bonds.